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The Jet City 20(JCA2112RC) by Soldano; She's Cheap & Loves to get Dirty

This week I'm comin at cha with another low-buck current production tube amp review.  Last week it was the Bugera V22, this week it's the very popular Jet City 20, this one is the JCA2112RC 1x12 combo with real spring reverb.  It's a cool amp to be sure, and the build quality actually appears to be quite good. However, if ever there was an amp crying out for a speaker upgrade, this is the one!  First, a big ol Vaughn-style review of the amp:

Now, let's see how she opens up with a WGS Retro 30:

All together now: "wow".  Right?  Looks like the Ret30 is just what the (amp) Dr. ordered for this nice lil high-gain "rock" amp!

In my next blog, I'll pit the Jet City against the Bugera V22.  It'll be a grudge-match to the death, only one amp will emerge victorious (imagine that last part in a Pro-wrestling voice-over).

See ya then :-)

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This weeks "outside" blog recommendation is the Jet City Amp blog ... good stuff check it out!

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Nice review and I couldn't agree more.  I love my JCA22H paired with a Retro 30.  It just kills!

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