Paul Reed Smith

Check out the PRS 30 which uses the WGS ET65.

Two-Rock Amplifiers

Two-Rock builds some truly amazing tube amps.  They have a custom speaker built by WGS.  The 12-65B was built to Two-Rock specs and is only available directly from them.  Some of Two-Rock's artists include John Mayer, Eric Gales, Matt Schofield, & Brad Whitford.

Suhr Guitars

Suhr has a facility with state of the art equipment combined with old world style craftsman to make some of the best guitars and amps available.


Bob Reinhardt is an amazing builder with a real knack for tone.  We've followed his keen ear and developed a few custom speakers for him.  They are available only through Reinhardt amps and include his versions of the 65 and 30 style speakers.

There's a shout-out to WGS around 2:20 in the video.  Thanks Bob.


Goodsell Amplifiers is known for making award winning amplifiers in Atlanta, GA.  All Richard's amps are extremely musical and responsive.  Check them out.

3 Monkeys

Greg Howard (guitar tech), Ossie Ahsen (amp tech, designer, and builer) and Brad Whitford (guitarist of Aerosmith) joined forces to create some amazing sounding amps.  Check them out!

Reeves Amplification

Reeves Amplification offers hand wired mil-spec tube amps based on the Dave Reeves era Hiwatts.

TruTone Custom Speaker Cabinets

TruTone Custom Speaker Cabinets offers hand-built cabinets at an affordable price.

Victoria Amps

Since 1993, Victoria has been building amps that faithfully capture the sound of tweed amps of the late '50s.


East Amplification

Jeff Bober, designer of the now famous Budda Amps has recently founded his new company East Amplification.  Jeff has designed two new ground-breaking amp models to kick off this new line.

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